User Guide

Don’t forget to read the .PDF included in the downloaded archive explaining you basic concepts and installation of AfterCodecs ! For more information you have this YouTube Quick Start Tutorial to guide you through AfterCodecs.

F.A.Q. : Table of Contents

What are the requirements, tech specs and codecs available ?

You can find all of this info on the Overview of AfterCodecs page. Also, don’t forget to regularly check for updates and read the Changelog of AfterCodecs !

How do I License AfterCodecs ?

If the .PDF and the Quick Start Tutorial weren’t enough, you might be helped by the beginning of this article : BRAW Studio Licensing.

There’s an issue with my render, what should I do ?

Please open a new ticket about AfterCodecs, don’t forget to send the .log file generated by AfterCodecs and information about your setup !
Please also make sure that you are not using a forbidden resolutions, see Technical specs

Where is the ffkroma download available ?

ffkroma executable is built-in the installer of AfterCodecs in recent versions so you don’t need to download it manually or from the Settings tab. Just download again the installer to update to the latest version !

Where are the HAP codecs ?

Select “[A] Hap” or “[A] Hap Q” and export in RGB in the AE settings. Exporting in RGB+Alpha on AE (or ticking Export Alpha Channel on PPro / AME) will automatically switch the codec to Hap Alpha or Hap Q Alpha !

What playback software do you recommend ?

We recommend the open-source DJV_view media review software, it has RAM playback, frame-by-frame scrubbing and a lot of others features, check it out and install it !

You can also use the latest versions of VLC Media Player and Media Player Classic.

Quicktime is dead !

Yes that’s why there is AfterCodecs ! It doesn’t need Quicktime (and never will) to run so you should be safe now ;)

Quicktime Player doesn’t play my video !

Be sure to be using x264 (and not x264 RGB or x265), with the quality slider <= 90. If it still doesn’t work, lower the quality / bitrate and choose the H264 Main Profile

AE : How do I render in 16 bit per channel ?

Be sure to set your AE project in 16 bpc, it will export to AfterCodecs in 16 bpc (even if you select “Millions of Colors” instead of “Trillions of Colors”)

Is x264 different from H264 ?

H264 is the norm and x264 a software encoder that implements H264, faster and of better quality than encoders from Adobe or Quicktime

Can I use my own ffmpeg command line ?

Not yet, sorry

Can I use this on multiple computers ?

One license is for the same user on up to two computers not used at the same time. For example you can do OSX + Windows not at the same time, or your professional computer and your personal laptop not used at the same time.

Mac OSX : Premiere Pro is not lauching anymore with BRAW Studio installed

Could you try to delete in this folder : /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore/Autokroma AfterCodecs/; also delete if it exists the same for BRAW Studio : /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore/Autokroma BRAW Studio/

In any case, contact us !