AfterCodecs is a new native exporter for Adobe After Effects that uses ffmpeg in order to bring you the best and fastest codecs for AE : ProRes, H.264, H.265 and HAP.

You can buy it on our official reseller’s website : aescripts + aeplugins.

You’ll also find there all the information you need about it : Codecs info, Known Limitations, F.A.Q, Changelog etc.

FREE Trial !

With AfterCodecs trial you can export up to 500 frames in all codecs and unlimited H.264 up to 720p ! Don’t hesitate to test it by clicking TRY on this page, unzipping the downloaded archive and lauching the setup.


  • After Effects from version CC 2015 included (for CC 2014 see Known limitations)
  • Microsoft Windows from version 7 included
  • Mac OSX from version 10.10 included


You can contact us about AfterCodecs at

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