AfterCodecs is a suite of Adobe CC plugins bringing you the best and missing codecs for faster exports !
Windows + OSX

Filling the codec gap

AfterCodecs brings you with consistency all the codecs and features you need

  • ProRes, yes even on Windows
  • H264 8K (not limited to 4K) and a fast YouTube export profile easy to use
  • All 4 HAP codecs with faster algorithms
  • Works without Quicktime !
Filling the codec gap

Better and faster compression

AfterCodecs uses ffmpeg to encode H264 and H265 :

  • Low bitrates videos are of better quality than before
  • Choose the efficiency you need : fast encoding for your previews or low filesize for final delivery
  • Save time directly in AE render queue without touching the command line and having huge temporary files
  • FileSize targetting
Better and faster compression

More to come and ffmpeg sponsoring

AfterCodecs is regularly updated with new codecs, features or speed improvements. Send us an email, we listen to your needs !

Autokroma has its own fork of ffmpeg called ffkroma. Our last job was improving the HAP encoders !

More to come and ffmpeg sponsoring