How to License BRAW Studio and access RAW Params

In this article you’ll learn how to access the Settings and License of our plugins in order to license them and remove the trial limitations !

Retrieve License from

First step after purchasing BRAW Studio or AfterCodecs is to retrieve your license online by going into your user account :

  1. Log in into
  2. Go to your account page
  3. On the left, click on “My Downloads and Licenses”
  4. Copy the license under “License Code”

How to License BRAW Studio in Premiere Pro

In order to remove BRAW Studio 500 frames import trial limit, you’ll need to license it in the Settings popup : this is where you’ll also find BRAW Studio global settings (such as writing logs, more options might be available later). Here’s how in Premiere Pro :

  1. Import a .BRAW file
  2. Open the BRAW Studio Source Settings : add the new clip to a timeline (or create a new sequence from the clip and open the new timeline created), then go to Effects Options panel, and you will see two tabs at the top. Source Settings will be the first tab prefixed “Masterclip”. This is where you’ll be able to change all the RAW import params for your .BRAW clips and change the way they are interpreted by BRAW Studio (see top left of the above image)
  3. In the BRAW Studio Source Settings, just click on the “Settings & Licensing” button
  4. In the Settings tab you can copy paste your license
  5. Click the Activate button !
  6. Click OK and restart Premiere Pro and you shouldn’t be in Trial mode anymore !

How to License BRAW Studio in Media Encoder

On Adobe Media Encoder, all you have to do is import a .BRAW into your render queue, click right and select “Source Settings…” and the same BRAW Studio Settings popup will be displayed (see image above).