Compatibility between Blackmagic RAW Plugin and BRAW Studio

All you need to know about compatibility between Blackmagic Design Adobe plugin and our plugin BRAW Studio.

In our previous article BlackmagicRaw Plugin and BRAW Studio - What’s the difference ? we explained what each plugin was for and in which situation they are best fitted, as long as list all bugs from Blackmagic and new features we offer (timecode correction, 10 Presets, Custom A/B, metadata import etc.).

Now we will detail everything we know about their cross compatibility, which heavily depends on Adobe CC softwares behavior and what Blackmagic implemented.

Can we use both plugins at the same time?

Unfortunately for now, on Premiere Pro, you shouldn’t use both plugins as they are fully incompatible and Premiere Pro is not made to switch easily from one importer to the other one. We advise you to not mix different BRAW plugin inside the same project or try to switch of plugins in the middle of your project.

Blackmagic plugins are taking absolute priority over us in Adobe API, this means that if you have both BRAW Studio and Blackmagic plugins loaded by Premiere Pro, whatever you do with .braw it will only use Blackmagic plugins to import Blackmagic RAW .braw files… So no issue from BRAW Studio will arise (unless for projects created before you install Blackmagic plugins or vice-versa, more on this below)

We tried to make it easy for you to try both plugins to compare, but in 1.5.1 update Blackmagic blocked us from doing so because they are taking absolute priority. So you’ll need to uninstall Blackmagic Raw plugins if you want to switch (more information at the bottom).

Switch a full Premiere Pro Project between the 2 plugins

Warning : if you started one project with one plugin, we recommend you to absolutely continue and finish this project with the same plugin. Anyway, if you really need to tweak with your projects and take some risks, here’s some good information to keep in mind :

  1. If you open a project that used BRAW Studio with the Blackmagic’s plugin, the footage won’t work and you’ll get an ugly green / red screen. Seems like Blackmagic didn’t plan for that to happen and it is buggy. Premiere Pro might become unstable because of this, don’t do it.
  2. If you open a project that used Blackmagic’s plugin with BRAW Studio, the footage will be decoded with BRAW Studio but will return back to Camera Metadata mode and you will loose any custom RAW parameters you entered. We don’t recommend going that way as it could also make Premiere Pro unstable (as you can see there will be two Source Settings, with BMD’s Source Settings being “offline”). If you still want to continue that route, you should open the project with BMD plugin installed, export the sidecar, remove BMD plugin, install BRAW Studio, re-open the project and Load Sidecar in all Source Settings where you need to get back your RAW parameters.
  3. You can’t use the “Replace Clip” feature to refresh a clip and switch from one plugin to the other one
  4. You can try to switch all .braw Clips of one project from one plugin to the other by exporting a FCP .XML and reimporting it into a fresh new project; However you will loose RAW parameters and not all features are supported (you can loose Effects, Text, Graphics layers etc.). In order to keep RAW parameters you should click Update Sidecar before the plugin switch and then click Load Sidecar.

How do I switch plugins easily to compare them ?

In recent versions of BRAW Studio we implemented a new way of enabling / disabling easily Blackmagic Adobe plugins. You’ll need to run BRAW Studio for Desktop with admin rights (and exit all Adobe softwares before) :

  • Windows : launch it in Administrator i.e. click right on the BRAW_Studio.exe located here :
  • OSX : you will need to open a Terminal and type sudo "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore/Autokroma BRAW Studio/", type Enter and enter your password

Then you’ll be able to click the “Disable”, “Enable” or “Uninstall” buttons in the GUI that pops up. It doesn’t work when you are inside the plugins in Adobe softwares because it won’t be able to access the folder where the plugins are currenly located.

How do I uninstall Blackmagic Design’s Blackmagic RAW plugin ?

To install and uninstall our plugin BRAW Studio you can go through our installer they have “Uninstall” checkboxes. For BMD plugin we have a special checkbox to uninstall BMD Adobe plugins (but keep Blackmagic RAW Player).

This is the manual method to uninstall Blackmagic RAW plugins from Blackmagic Design : exit any Adobe software such as Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects. Then go to your MediaCore folder :

  • Windows : C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore
  • Mac OSX : /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore

and remove the following :

  • BlackmagicRawPremiereImporter
  • BlackmagicRawPremiereSourceEffect
  • BlackmagicRawAPI (whole folder)

Please note that, here, we are only talking about the Adobe plugins from Blackmagic RAW. You can use Blackmagic RAW Player and the thumbnail previewer along with BRAW Studio there’s no incompatibility and we recommend using them to improve your daily experience with .braw.

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