User Guide

Don’t forget to read the Readme.pdf included in the downloaded archive explaining you basic concepts and installation of BRAW Studio ! For more information you have this YouTube Quick Start Tutorial to guide you through BRAW Studio.

F.A.Q. : Table of Contents

How do I License BRAW Studio and access RAW Params ?

How do I use .BRAW proxies with Premiere Pro ?

You can export proxies and convert (Right click -> Export Media) your .BRAW directly from Adobe Premiere Pro. Don’t forget you’ll need a BRAW Studio for Media Encoder license if you want to send your footages in batch and convert them using Adobe Media Encoder.

How is the Sidecar workflow and Decode Using Camera Metadata ?

.BRAW imported into Adobe Media Encoder are decoded by default with the “Camera Metadata” setting, like on DaVinci Resolve. This means that it will try to read the .sidecar next to your .braw to apply the color grade. If it can’t find it, it will use the settings from your Camera when you shot the footage. If you changed the .sidecar after importing the footage, it will keep the same old .sidecar values until your restart Media Encoder / Premiere Pro.

Will my footage look the same between Premiere Pro and Media Encoder ?

When you send a project or a .braw clip from Premiere Pro to Media Encoder’s render queue, it will act as a dynamic link between the two softwares; this means the render will look exactly the same as it looked like on Premiere Pro (i.e. it will take Exposure, ISO, Color Balance, Contrast etc. from the Source Settings). See previous answer if you import your .braw from Media Encoder’s UI

Are sidecar files created automatically ?

No, you need to click “Update Sidecar” in order to create or update the .sidecar files. Please note that you might need Administrator Rights for some folders where you don’t have permissions to write !

How to import .BRAW in Red Giant Shooter PluralEyes ?

Why do I still have the 500 frames trial limit ?

You might have entered a wrong license (for example a BRAW Studio for Premiere Pro license into Media Encoder or an AfterCodecs license). If you’re sure you licensed the right plugin (AfterCodecs / BRAW Studio) and host (PPro / AME / AE), please empty your media cache (How to clean (delete or trash) media cache files?) and restart the software.

How do I fix the Resolve timecode issue after importing the timeline in XML ?

This is a bug from Adobe Premiere Pro where the timecode is misinterpreted and shifted through time. It should only affect NTSC framerates (23.96, 29.97 fps). We developed the BRAW Studio Panel to fix this ! More info in the Readme.pdf given in the downloaded archive

Video track or Audio track disappears when bringing the .BRAW into the timeline !

You might have disabled all audio or video tracks, please be sure at least one of each are enabled before brining the footage in the timeline

Can I use this on multiple computers ?

One license is for the same user on up to two computers not used at the same time. For example you can do OSX + Windows not at the same time, or your professional computer and your personal laptop not used at the same time.

What are the requirements, specs and known issues of BRAW Studio ?

You can find all of this info on the Overview of BRAW Studio page. Also, don’t forget to regularly check for updates and read the Changelog of BRAW Studio !