1.6.3 (Current version) - September 13 2019

  • You can now use the feature “Reconnect Full Resolution Media” on proxies, .braw footages are now displayed as known extension files)
  • New “Reset to BRAW Default” button below “Load Sidecar” button to set current RAW settings to their default values
  • Fixed : Crashes with corrupted .BRAW on OSX (fixes in 1.6.2 were for Windows)
  • Don’t forget to ask us to participate in BRAW Studio for After Effects BETA !

1.6.2 - September 10 2019

  • Fixed : Crashes when corrupted BRAW are imported or looked at within the Media Browser, red errors message also removed
  • Fixed : Memory leaks
  • Fixed : In Trial mode, BRAW Studio was taking too much memory when too many clips were loaded
  • Source Settings :
    • Color Science dropdown list has been removed from GUI to make it simpler (It was disabled all the time before because only one choice was available : Color Science Version 4)
    • Fixed : When loading sidecar, White Balance Preset was set to “Custom” even though values corresponded to “As Shot”

1.6.1 - August 28 2019

  • Added a new pixel format for slight performance improvement on Windows
  • Added 16 bpc pixel formats : for example you can now extract high quality TIFF out of your .BRAW!
  • BRAW Studio Hidden Panel removed :
    • Please use the usual GUI Panel (Top menu Window -> Extensions) to fix your NTSC timecodes and import your .braw metadata ! It’s not done automatically (in background) anymore
    • Fixed : Premiere Pro being slow when editing on timeline
    • Fixed : Unable to “Undo” (CTRL+Z) last actions in some cases
    • Fixed : When batch importing lots of .braw, the Hidden Panel was working too much and users could consider it as a crash
    • No Shift issue if users don’t want to correct timecodes (used to fix XML Export for DaVinci Resolve see )

1.6.0 - August 16 2019

  • BRAW API 1.4 from DaVinci Resolve 16 : Support for BMPCC6K, new Rec. 709 gamma
    Don’t forget there’s a new official desktop Blackmagic RAW Player for both Windows and Mac OSX !
    Download on
  • If you experienced in/out points shifts with .braw clips, please follow our new article to fix it !
  • Premiere Pro on Windows only : “Properties” of a .braw will now also show Metadata for the first frame (Aperture, Distance, Exposure, Focal, ND, Shutter, Timecode, White Balance etc.)
  • Fixed :
    • Crashes
    • Panel : Reduced errors
    • OSX Installer : Uninstall plugins checkboxes didn’t work anymore and couldn’t be selected alone
    • Deleted some scripts in the downloaded .zip as they were wrongly flagged by Anti Viruses (falses positives)
    • ACESctt gamma had custom gamma controls enabled
    • License & Settings Popup : error message when clicking on “Open logs folder” fixed, can only open one popup at the same time now

1.5.3 - August 6 2019

  • WARNING : DO NOT RELINK .braw files. Only “Relocate” them with the advanced UI and untick the “Align Timecode” checkbox
    If you relocated / relinked .braw that have 23.98 / 29.97 fps you’ll suffer from shifts in the in / out points of the clips on your timelines
    Please contact us if this happened to you!
  • Premiere Pro on OSX : Metadata (Click right on .braw -> Properties) available now
  • Bug fixes :
    • For Prefs size errors, please clean your plugin cache (press SHIFT while launching Premiere Pro and click OK) !
    • Edge case crashes
    • Loading .sidecar with LUT
    • Existing projects with merged clip in previous versions had problems when loading in 1.5.2
    • Imported .braw will show grey now instead of Trial image, because BRAW Studio for After Effects is not available yet
  • Panel : After relocating a media, timecode is immediately corrected in CC 2019, don’t forget to press the button for CC 2017 and 2018

1.5.2 - July 25 2019

  • New Uninstall checkbox in the installers to easily uninstall BRAW Studio plugins and panels
  • Fixes in the rendering engine, less crashes
  • New Feature : LUT in BRAW Studio
    • As in DaVinci Resolve, there is now a checkbox “Apply LUT” and a dropdown list to choose the LUT Origin (Embedded or Sidecar)
    • Embedded LUT is the one which was saved from inside the camera when shot
    • Sidecar LUT is the one in the sidecar file next to the braw file. Sidecar LUT is loaded when PPro starts or when the clip is imported
    • The “Save Sidecar” and “Load Sidecar” buttons in Clip Mode are not concerned : LUT will not be saved in Sidecar and not loaded with these buttons
    • These new parameters are invisible if no Embedded or Sidecar LUT are available, only one choice in the dropdown if only oe of them is available
  • Panel :
    • New Metadata : BR Timecode = the good starting timecode of the braw file. Useful to check if the one in PPRo is correct
    • Fixed : After relinking a media, the timecode was wrong again
    • Fixed : “getFilenameFromFilepath” error message
  • OSX License input : pressing COMMAND key will now automatically paste the license because COMMAND+V is not working
  • Windows : IE won’t launch anymore when using the popup offline

1.5.1 - July 22 2019

  • Fixes in the rendering engine : for example black frames issue when scaling down is fixed
  • 500 frames trial image will be shown less often
  • A message will be displayed now if the plugin detects a problem in the installation process (duplicated plugin or files missing)
  • Fixed : When loading sidecar, sometimes the White Balance Preset was wrongly set to custom
  • Reduced BRAW Studio Panel error messages

1.5.0 (Current version) - June 27 2019

  • Fixed ISO GUI problem : was switching to default value in some cases when was opened from an existing project
  • New “User Guide” tab on top, showing information to help you using BRAW Studio !
  • New popup will automatically warn you about new versions available
  • OSX : fixed multiple screens bug
  • OSX : fixed 5 seconds lags when exiting popup

1.4.3 - June 18 2019

  • OSX : BRAW API updated to 1.3 (URSA Mini Pro G2 support, bug fixes)
  • OSX : BRAW Studio Panels copied useless files to the “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/“ folder. New installer won’t copy them anymore, and will delete them if created by a previous installer

1.4.2 - June 11 2019

  • OSX PPro CC 2017 Source Settings were not appearing fixed

1.4.1 - June 10 2019

  • Licensing bug fixes and new “Paste Clipboard” button useful on OSX where COMMAND+V for Pasting the license doesn’t work
  • OSX : when using multiple screens Settings popup would disappear, now it is shown on the primary screen

1.4.0 - June 7 2019

  • BRAW Studio available on OSX (after Sierra 10.12) !
  • You can now buy BRAW Studio licenses on ! This version is the first one compatible
  • New popups : blue confirmation popup for Sidecar update success and BRAW Studio Panel import success (metadata / NTSC timecode fix), red popup for corrupted frames
  • Bugs fixed :
    • Copying Source Settings from one clip to another lead to some unwanted red popup
    • “Run Script - Uncaught Error” when BRAW files were moved between 2 PPro sessions and needed new localization
  • BRAW Studio Panels (Metadata / NTSC Timecode) bugs fixed :
    • “Stack Overrun” error when a lot of files were processed at the same time
    • Now working with files located on folder without writing permission
    • BRAW footages inside PPro project Bins were not processed
    • Avoid some unwanted error popups
    • New scripts in Manual Installation folder to help you when standard installation of panels didn’t work

1.3.1 - April 22 2019

  • Some plugins weren’t working with BRAW Studio (NeatVideo Second Revision for example), fixed now
  • Displaying dark grey frames for corrupted frames
  • New Visible BRAW Studio Panel (CEP Extension) compatible with CC 2017 / 2018 : please click the button inside the panel (for metadata and timecodes) if not already done, it will use and delete temporary files
  • Bug fixes :
    • Copy / Paste Source Settings from one clip to another is working now
    • Please only apply Source Settings presets by drag and dropping the preset into the Source Settings UI and not on the timeline clip
    • Avoid freezes when loading a .BRAW File with a LUT inside
    • When an error was happening, some wrong messages were sent to the user
  • Improvements in installation process for plugin and Panel
  • BRAW Studio manual updated, please don’t forget to read it !

1.3.0 - April 8 2019

  • BRAW API 1.3 (Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro G2 support)
  • New BRAW Studio Panel, compatible only with PPro CC 2019 :
    • Automatically imports BRAW metadata : Camera Name, Scene, Take etc. automatically added to imported clips. You need to change Project panel columns display to see all of them
    • “Media Start” Timecode for NTSC Framerates fixed (=> now you can export to FCP XML and reimport it into DaVinci Resolve without issues)
  • Bug fixes :
    • Some frames were doubled and some missing
    • When audio track was shorter than video track (slow motion footage)
  • New “BRAW Studio Readme.pdf” with more details about installing BRAW Studio, licensing, settings, accessing the Source Settings and information about the new Panel
  • License and Settings :
    • New button at the top of the Source Settings to access them (more visible than the little top right icon)
    • When clicking on “Open Log Folder” it will create automatically a .zip to send us

1.2.1 - March 21 2019

  • Importing BRAW files from a network location bug fixed
  • “Merge Clip” feature : merged BRAW clips source settings are working now but without sidecar save/load
  • BRAW Studio Settings popup can be launched when importing .braw into Adobe Media Encoder by right-clicking and selecting “Source Settings”
  • Logs can now be written without launching in Administrator Mode
  • Plugin more stable overall, fixed some crashes

1.2.0 - March 6 2019

  • Updating BRAW SDK to 1.2 :
    • Analog gain restricts ISOs you can choose
    • BRAW Studio can now load braw files shot from Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
    • New Gamut : ACES AP0 and ACES AP1
    • New Gamma : ACEScct
  • BRAW Studio available on Adobe Media Encoder with a dedicated license, beginning with “AUKBRME”. Licensing will be done through PPro BRAW Studio Settings popup (see video tutorial)
  • UI freezes bug fix
  • Bug Fixed : When .braw with international characters in filename was loaded, the created sidecar had a wrong filename
  • You can license AfterCodecs in BRAW Studio and vice-versa

1.1.0 - February 19 2019

  • BRAW Studio updated to Blackmagic BRAW API version 1.1 (from DaVinci Resolve 15.2)
    • New Color Spaces (Rec.709, Rec.2020, DCI-P3 D65, DCI-P3 Theater, CIE 1931 XYZ D65, CIE 1931 XYZ D50 PCS)
    • New Gammas (Linear, Rec.2100 Hybrid Log Gamma, Rec.2100 ST2084 PQ)
    • Hilight Recovery mode
    • White Level & Black Level sliders in Gamma Controls
    • ISO 3200 available now
    • Some footage were impossible to open : now fixed
  • Better logs files for debugging
  • Footage without audio won’t display a popup error anymore

1.0.0 - January 29 2019

  • First official version after January 13 BETA
  • For Premiere Pro / Windows as of now
  • Wrong colors with “Decode Using Camera Metadata” bug fix
  • Media Browser import crash bug fix