1.4.0 (Current version) - June 20 2018

  • Now using ffmpeg 4.0 at least and a new ffmpeg_aftercodecs, please update ffmpeg in the Settings tab
  • ProRes 422 faster in After Effects, better ProRes 422 compatibility in Adobe softwares
  • Low screen resolution bug fix
  • Unable to go over 4096x4096 resolution on PPro / AME bug fix
  • Various bug fixes

1.3.6 - May 22 2018

  • Sound on PPro / AME : “All Channels” option available now

1.3.5 - May 18 2018

  • PPro / AME : able to export 4.0 VR and 5.1 audio
  • H264 / H265 : max bitrate is now 900 Mbps and minimal filesize 1 Mio
  • Various bug fixes

1.3.4 - April 26 2018

  • After Effects : ProRes interlaced (experimental feature)
  • Bug fix for ProRes 422 on PP/ME CC 2018 Windows

1.3.3 - April 17 2018

  • Windows : Multiple output in parallel are now possible on AME and AE
  • Manual ffmpeg download button in the Settings tab
  • OSX Crash bug fix
  • End frames lost bug fix

1.3.2 - April 15 2018

  • ProRes 4444 Export in PP / AME on OSX bug fix

1.3.1 - April 12 2018

  • Media Encoder render from After Effects / Interlaced footage instead of progressive bug fix
  • New Audio codec choice : Auto (= previous behavior), AAC or WAVE, useful for AE RenderGarden without audio glitches

1.3.0 - April 9 2018

  • New AfterCodecs plugin for Premiere Pro and Media Encoder !
  • ProRes 4444 has been divided into 3 profiles : 4444 Light (unofficial profile lighter than 4444), 4444 and 4444 XQ
  • New “ProRes 422 Ultra” unofficial profile for Premiere Pro / Media Encoder, quality better than HQ
  • New H264 YouTube Upload profile, which provides a fast way to render a video for uploading to web platforms !
  • AE : Project Link feature is now compatible with CC 2018, and now points to the right composition in the opened project
  • Various bug fixes
  • New errors dialogs (for example with HAP codec, width must be a multiple of 4)
  • AE : If you try to render Alpha with ProRes 422, it won’t switch automatically to ProRes 4444 now

1.2.2 - Dec 11, 2017

  • FREE H.264 720p in Trial !
  • Snappy compression is enabled by default for HAP (the checkbox is here to disable it now)
    Beware test your software and hardware before deciding to disable Snappy. Some users report choppy playback without it !
  • New Setup executable for both Windows and Mac, AfterCodecs uses Autokroma folder now for configuration and storing the ffmpeg executable (not Dornisoft)
  • The codecs lists indicates [A] for codecs accepting alpha channel
  • Various bug fixes

1.2.1 - Oct 25, 2017

  • High DPI UI fix on Windows
  • AfterCodecs .mov exports the timecode in non drop frame mode if the timecode is not negative
    ( There’s an AE settings to set automatically the Drop Frame / Non Drop Frame mode when importing NTSC footage, timecode will be converted automatically !)
  • XMP Project Link : New experimental feature for ProRes (enable it in the Settings tab)
  • AfterCodecs downloads ffmpeg latest version 3.4
  • Crash bug fixed on Chinese Windows
  • A bug where trial was not enabled is fixed

1.2.0 - Sep 17, 2017


  • Now macOS OS X compatible!
  • Two new plugins in the dropdown : “AfterCodecs .mp4” and “AfterCodecs .mov”. There’s no more .ext and file renaming stuff (Removed the “Overwriting” options in Settings because not needed anymore)
  • You can choose ProRes 4444 Alpha depth now : 16 bits or 8 bits (smaller files, faster decompression)
  • Enabled lossless for x265 (same as x264 : 99 for 422, 100 for 444)
  • AfterCodecs will warn you if the width or the height are odd instead of displaying the generic error popup
  • 2 New shortcuts : ESC to exit AfterCodecs dialog, Shift+ESC to reposition it in the top left corner (use theses shortcuts if you have trouble with multiple screens for example)
  • ProRes 422 Bitrate matches more closely official Apple ProRes bitrate than before, and are now re importable back into AE on OSX


  • Slight color shifts in ProRes has been mostly corrected


  • Items in previous projects that uses AfterCodecs won’t be compatible with the new version, you’ll have to reconfigure them !
  • Windows : ProRes 4444 8 bits Alpha cannot be re imported in AE 16 bpc projects
  • OSX : ProRes 422 when re imported in AE CC 2014 and older have color shifts ! Everything is fine for CC 2015 and CC 2017

1.1.4 - July 1st 2017


  • ProRes renders need at least ffmpeg version N-86691-gc885356 because a bug was recently fixed in it !
    Just click the download button to update it


  • Fixed AE exit crash bug
  • Fixed the AE crash bug when clicking twice on the “Format Options” button
  • Fixed the bug in CC 2015 when trying to mux at the end of the render
  • “Error #11 : license too old” bug removed
  • Bug with 29.97 fps fixed


  • For x264 : added two lossless modes (100 for 4:4:4, 99 for 4:2:0), beware : they are not compatible with Quicktime Player and old devices
  • Overall ProRes quality has been improved, notably 4444
  • ProRes 422 renders are faster
  • End audio-video muxing is faster for x264 / x265 !
  • 16 bpc (Trillions of Colors) renders are also faster !
  • Sound for HAP codecs is now Uncompressed PCM like ProRes
  • ProRes streaming option enabled (Youtube accepts uploading ProRes !)
  • Now if you want to use a ffmpeg whose version is not supported, AfterCodecs will accept it anyway for rendering and not look for an other ffmpeg version on the computer

1.1.3 - May 31 2017

  • Added a bitrate mode for x264 / x264 RGB / x265
  • Always overwrite checkbox in Settings to remove the dialog about renaming file OR overwriting OR canceling the render
  • Added x264 video profiles (high, main, baseline) for old devices compatibility
  • Automatically ticks FFmpeg checkbox if needed after Download
  • New buttons in Settings to open Dornisoft folder and ffmpeg folder
  • Removed max dimensions limitations, ProRes can handdle 8K resolutions now !
  • Added Hap, Hap alpha and Hap Q codecs ! With settings to enable compression and chunks

1.1.2 - May 15 2017

  • Crash bug fix
  • ProRes bugs fixes
  • Added a “AfterCodecs AV Muxing” Dialog at the end of the render
  • Added encoder metadata to ProRes with AfterCodecs’ and ffmpeg’ version (for example “ProRes HQ (AFC 1.1.2 3.2.2)”)
    This info can be seen in AE and PP
  • Added fast decode for x264 / x265 when resolution > HD
  • In the preview text under “Format Options” little description of chosen encoding parameters (for example “x264 Q75 (Streaming)”)
  • The encoding window is not always on top anymore
  • Prevents overwriting files with the same name before launching render, asking to rename the file OR overwriting OR cancel the render

1.1.1 - May 8 2017

  • Added a trial of 500 frames

1.1.0 - May 8 201

  • First public version