How do I avoid the Shift Issue in BRAW Studio ?

by Nicolas on June 29th, 2019

In this article you'll learn how to deal with the shift issue which could happen to your project with BRAW Studio : first how to avoid it, and then how to repair a project with shifts.

When does this issue happen ?

This issue happens when clips are getting offlined and then relinked. It can be the case when :

You updated Premiere Pro and are opening projects saved from an older version of Premiere Pro

When you move the location of your .braw footages

Or when your .braw are located on an external drive (or a network location) : their filepath could change from one session to another (on Windows, the letter of the drive can change)

By a "Shift" we mean that the in and out points of the clips on the timeline are changed by the same amount. Sometimes the duration of the clip on the timeline is changed and you will see stripes on your clips.

Where does this issue come from ?

There's an Adobe bug of NTSC timecode interpretation (framerate 23.976 or 29.97). We created the BRAW Studio Panel in order to correct those timecodes from your imported .braw clips.

When these clips are getting offlined by Premiere Pro and need to be relinked (and this can be done automatically), if the option "Align Timecode" is set, then Premiere Pro will shift some clips in timeline.

Note that some clips could be shifted and others not.

How do I avoid this shift ?

When PPro wants you to relocate the files, you need to untick the option "Align Timecode". The shift should be avoided !

    Open a new project

    Import one braw file inside

    Right click on the clip in the project panel and select "Make Offline ..."

    Right click again on the clip and this time select "Link Media ..."

    In the "Link" panel which will be displayed, untick the checkbox "Align Timecode" and then click "Cancel".

Now, the option will be disabled every time you will need to locate files (for new projects also), even if the "Locate" action is done automatically by Premiere Pro.

My project has been saved with the shifts and I can't go back in time.. How do I repair it ?

Open the BRAW Studio Panel from the top menu : Window -> Extensions -> BRAW Studio Panel: there are 4 buttons to help you recover your original clips in timeline. If you don't see these buttons, please update BRAW Studio.

The first 2 buttons should repair all your clips, if all your files have been offlined then relocated before. In case the clips have been offlined and relinked many times, your files could have been shifted many times. In that case you will need to click many times on this button (for each click, check if the in and out points of the clip in the timelines are fine !). If you click one time more than needed by mistake, the second button is here to undo the global shift of the first button.

The last two buttons are here to shift selected clips in timeline, in case the first 2 buttons are not sufficient.

We hope these tools will help you recover your projects ! Please contact us for any issue that comes up