BRAW Metadata from Premiere Pro's Project Panel

In this article you’ll learn how to display in Adobe Premiere Pro the metadata contained inside your Blackmagic .BRAW shots, such as Reel, Scene, Take, Lens name, etc.

What metadata can I get ?

Some of these metadata are set in the camera directly by the user, others are automacally saved in the braw file.

This is the list of the medata automatically set to each BRAW clip after clicking on our panel button (see below). All are prefixed with “BR”, in order to differentiate them from the native PPro ones.

  • BR Recorded Date
  • BR Camera Letter
  • BR Lens Type
  • BR Clip Name
  • BR Environment
  • BR Day/Night
  • BR Camera Name
  • BR Reel
  • BR Scene
  • BR Take
  • BR Good
  • BR Timecode

If you think some metadata is missing from this list, contact us !

How can I display these Metadata ?

First you need to generate the metadata for your clips. But before this, you will need to be sure that all of your braw clips have already displayed at least one image in PPro. A common trick to be sure that all clips have generated at least one image, is to display them as Icon View in the project panel.

Then, you just have to click on the top button of the BRAW Studio Panel. In order to open this panel, you need to go to the top menu, in Window -> Extensions.

If you don’t see BRAW Studio Panel (like in the image below), then there should be a problem in the installation of your panel. Please try to re-install BRAW Studio or contact us.

After this, in order to see these metadata :

  1. Go to the Project Panel, and display the Clips with the List View mode
  1. Right click on the top on the category line, and click on Metadata Display ..
  1. Open “Premiere Pro Project Metadata” and go at the end of the list, then tick every item beginning by “BR”, and click “OK”

After these steps, you will be able to see the BRAW Metadata directly into the Premiere Pro Project Panel.

Note : you will now be able to use these new Metadata Columns to sort your .braw in the project panel !

The BRAW File “Properties”

Metadata can be also be seen if you right click on a native .braw clip (not a sequence!) and select Properties...

We hope these metadata will help you in your workflow working with BRAW Studio !